Comfort Measure Workshop

Prepare for your birth by exploring comfort measures.

This workshop was designed to be fun, interactive and hands-on. I will introduce and practice a variety of effective coping methods. You and your partner will leave feeling equipped with various comfort measures and techniques

In each Comfort Measure workshop, you will learn:

  • ​H​ow to ​utilize ​a rebozo

  • ​B​reathing techniques

  • ​P​osition​ changes for​ progress during labor

  • ​​How to use a ​peanut ball​/​birth ball

  • M​assage ​tips​

  • P​ositions for pushing

  • ​P​ractical comfort measure​s​

  • ​​​R​elaxation techniques

  • P​artner involvement with use of comfort measure​s​

  • and so much more!

Group Workshop

Held in a group setting where you can socialize and interact with other expecting parents in your area.

Ready to fill your (hypothetical) tool bag?