Perinatal Mentor Services

Blending the invaluable guidance you get outside of the delivery room from a doula with the expert knowledge of a childbirth educator.

Your perinatal mentor will bring your support full circle with three prenatal visits before your baby arrives and a postpartum follow-up visit that will close out your pregnancy and celebrate your birth with a meaningful belly binding experience once baby is here. This gives you four face-to-face opportunities to build a relationship with your trusted mentor who is also available to you by phone, text message and email. This customized education is unique to your family’s needs and is different from a group class, by giving you unlimited one-on-one access to your childbirth educator during your sessions. Your perinatal mentor doesn’t attend your birth, so you benefit from more education prenatally with her than doula clients usually receive. There is value in just knowing she is on-call for your burning questions and value in the peace of mind she brings to your experience.


“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

| Ina May Gaskin |

What to expect from me, while you’re expecting

Envision Satisfaction

These private classes will help you to build a foundation of not only education about birth, but a true connection to your baby and your partner. You will learn together the physiological process of birth, the decision-making tools that will instill confidence, and deep engagement with your experience. With mindfulness being at the center of Your Birth Experience classes, you will be able to explore your unique goals for your birth and envision what a satisfying experience looks like for both you in a single vision. Your mentor will guide you both through your options, help you to build your birth preferences, and teach you hands-on skills for comfort and birth positions. Her goal is to build your confidence holistically, answering all of your questions and teaching you exactly what you can expect no matter the path your birth takes. She values the emotional side of birth just as much as the physical and is able to be a well of knowledge and support during your classes. She will guide you in how to communicate with each other and with your medical team during labor and leading up to your birth experience.

Build Your Experience

Your third visit with your mentor before the baby arrives is your choice between either the Your Baby Experience or Your Breastfeeding Experience class. This time with your mentor encompasses the emotional adjustment and preparation for the fourth trimester, the first three months after your baby is here. You will begin to build your parenting philosophy, vision for feeding and caring for your baby and your unique goals for the early months. Birth is unpredictable and so is the postpartum time, so you are able to lean into your mentor’s expertise and emotional support as you navigate all of your own “what-ifs”. She is available to answer all of your most important questions and be a constant source of calm during your pregnancy. Together you will create a meaningful, connected experience for your baby’s birth.

Uplift and Celebrate

The follow-up visit after your baby is born goes a step beyond the traditional follow-up with a doula and incorporates the beautiful practice of belly binding, to close out your pregnancy and your perinatal mentoring experience. The emotional support and conversation that flows as your mentor wraps your belly, brings your focus back to the heart of the fourth trimester. You’re mindful not only of the journey your baby took in birth, but of the journey you are taking as a mother. This is an opportunity to share your birth story and also to ask questions about your birth, your baby and your own healing. The binding of your belly stabilizes your core as you recover from pregnancy and birth, bringing your rib cage, abdominal muscles and hips back to center. It gives a physical source of security and warmth as you adjust to your new, postpartum body.

This visit allows your mentor to really witness where you are physically and emotionally. She is able to check in with you, meet any immediate needs that you have and offer resources for further support. She leaves you feeling uplifted, celebrated and truly connected to your birth and to your baby.


Are you ready for the support of a perinatal mentor?

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Perinatal Mentor Package

(AKA ‘Everything But The Birth’)


– 3 prenatal visits including birth plan preparation, understanding birth options, & comfort measure/technique practice
– Your Birth Experience™ Parent Guide
– Private Your Birth Experience™ class 
– Choice of Your Breastfeeding or Baby Experience workshop
– Unlimited phone and text support
– Access to referrals and resources
– Continuous support for the duration of labor, delivery and up to 3 hours postpartum
– Belly bind & binding session 
– A postpartum visit

We are so grateful that Leanna was our Doula. Leanna was referred to us from another doula; and even before meeting, Leanna was available via text message and phone call until we were able to meet in person. She was very helpful, calm, sincere to me and to my husband as we prepared for birth. She helped us with discussing our birth plan and helped us through making big decisions at the end of our pregnancy and through our crazy labor. Her advice was based on much work experience. She was a great listener through our pregnancy and labor. During labor, she was an amazing resource. She was able to identify my crazy back labor as I did not have this with my first. She provided massage and reverse pressure on my hips and back which felt amazing and helped me get through those tough contractions. During labor when tough decisions had to be made, she did a great job of explaining and providing feedback on pro’s and con’s. Leanna was a much-needed support and we are grateful that she was there through a long tough labor. She is a fantastic addition to our birth team!


| Katherine F. |

Leanna was great! For various reasons we got her help with “everything but the birth.” She really helped my husband and I know what we would need at the hospital, particularly in regards to communication and emotionally. My husband and I both felt empowered to ask for what we wanted for our birth experience and went to the hospital in sync with each other. I’m so grateful for that and wouldn’t have had that (or known that I needed it) without Leanna’s help.

| Amy B. |

Leanna was amazing! I was so nervous about labor and birth before hand and she helped me not only understand the process but she was there with any questions or concerns. During the beginning stages of labor she messaged me back right away and as soon as I told her I needed her there, she was there right away! The whole process went so much smoother because she was there doing everything from helping me continue breathing, letting me smell essential oils, reminding me of my birth mantra, and constantly encouraging me through 4 hours of pushing. My husband was great but didn’t know the first thing about helping someone during childbirth. Leanna also offered support the weeks after labor and is so sincere and sweet. Both my husband and I are so happy we hired Leanna! Our daughters birth wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without her there!

| Jessica S. |