Your Birth Experience™ is not a method, it’s a system with a purpose.

Your Birth Experience™ is a comprehensive childbirth education program designed with YOU in mind. The purpose is to educate, prepare and equip you and your partner to achieve the unique birth experience YOU want.

In each Your Birth Experience™ workshop, you will:

  • Receive your our own copy of the Your Birth Experience™ Parent Guide

  • Discover unique aspects about your personality and decision-making processes that will help guide you in making the best decisions for your birth experience.

  • Engage the power of positive imagery by envisioning your experience and creating an empowering birth vision statement.

  • Learn the basics of the birth process, including hormonal and emotional components that are key to unlocking your empowering journey.

  • Receive evidence based information on the birth process, common options and  potential interventions.

  • Find out what you can do right now to prepare your body and mind for childbirth and early parenting.

  • Practice tried and true comfort techniques and explore various methods of relaxation to inspire your own individual childbirth style.

  • Learn to effectivly communicate your goals and birth preferences to your birth team

  • And More…

Offering YBE™ workshops to couples all over Arizona.

Private Workshop

Held in the comfort of your home, and scheduled at your convenience.

Group Workshop

Held in a group setting where you can socialize and interact with other expecting parents in your area.

Ask about our Your Birth Experience™ group workshops being held in: