Equipping Arizona parents with the tools and care to navigate their pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience with confidence.

I understand the excitement, uncertainty and even fear that comes as you enter into your parenting journey.

Whether this is your first time or your fifth, I am here to help you unlock your innate parenting ability, provide you with meaningful support at every turn, and equip you with the necessary tools to navigate this unique experience, all while creating memories that your family will treasure forever.

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Hi! I’m Leanna…


I truly enjoy my career of coaching and encourage mothers and their partners as they navigate their chosen birth plans.

Whether you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy, birthing in the hospital or planning as few interventions as possible, my clients enjoy unbiased education, my eclectic approach and the unique ability to meet each family where they are. 

I would love the chance to speak with you about what it is your family needs to feel equipped and confident in navigating your experience. 

Leanna was very helpful, calm, sincere to me and to my husband as we prepared for birth. She helped us with discussing our birth plan and helped us through making big decisions at the end of our pregnancy and through our crazy labor. She was a great listener through our pregnancy and labor. 

| Katherine F. |

I highly recommend Leanna of Expecting A Blessing, and can personally attest to her experience and wholeheartedly recommend her Doula services. She has a calming, warm presence during the birthing process- and I’ve witnessed her gentle coaching, pain/pressure relief, support of the father, and empathy first hand. I love that she supports all birthing plans, and has an innate nature to read mom’s cues during labor. (Rather than asking mom 1000 questions, she gently reads the labor, and provides support or privacy, and transitions gently and proactively.)
If my family wasn’t already complete, I would undoubtedly hire her as my Doula!

Lizzy McMillan | 15 Years Experience as an Arizona Birth & Newborn Photographer

Leanna was great! For various reasons we got her help with “everything but the birth.” She really helped my husband and I know what we would need at the hospital, particularly in regards to communication and emotionally. My husband and I both felt empowered to ask for what we wanted for our birth experience and went to the hospital in sync with each other. I’m so grateful for that and wouldn’t have had that (or known that I needed it) without Leanna’s help.

| Amy B. |

Leanna is very well educated when it comes to birth. She answered all of our (very detailed) questions and provided everything we needed to visualize and prepare for our hospital birth. While we did have a natural birth in the hospital, we went in with a sense of peace feeling informed about the procedures and options I had if an intervention was needed. 

| Tish G. |

Leanna was a pleasure to work with. She is kind and patient, as well as compassionate about personal choices. My wife and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to other expecting parents, especially because the entire course is based off of what YOU want, and not a particular method.

| Michael G. |

I was a bit leery about this class only being one day and not a traditional multi-week class. Due to work and being 36 weeks, I needed something short and sweet.  Leanna came well prepared for our session with activities, visuals, and a parent guide and was ready on the spot to answer questions and concerns. This class was very thorough and helped me feel like I put a lot of effort into preparing myself in just a short amount of time.

| Hannah R. |

During labor, Leanna was an amazing resource. She was able to identify my crazy back labor as I did not have this with my first. She provided massage and reverse pressure on my hips and back which felt amazing and helped me get through those tough contractions. During labor when tough decisions had to be made, she did a great job of explaining and providing feedback on the pros and cons. Leanna was a much-needed support and we are grateful that she was there through a long tough labor. She is a fantastic addition to our birth team!

| Katherine F. |

Leanna is so sincere and sweet. I was so nervous about labor and birth beforehand and she helped me not only understand the process but she was there with any question or concern.  The whole process went so much smoother because she was there. My husband is great but didn’t know the first thing about helping someone during childbirth. Both my husband and I are so happy we hired Leanna! Our daughter’s birth wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without her there! Leanna is amazing!

| Jessica S. |