Meet Leanna...


As the oldest of 11 children, Leanna values family and keeps it at the heart of her work. She grew up blessed to experience the joy of welcoming new siblings (biological and adopted) and seeing her mother’s pregnancies as her family grew. One of her first jobs was as a devoted nanny, supporting several families for nearly a decade. Some of her favorite memories during her time as a nanny were times when she was able to help families prepare for the arrival of a new baby. She witnessed time and time again the joy and struggles of pregnancy and the birth process for new and experienced parents.

While working with families as a nanny, she considered midwifery and interned with a midwifery center for several months, gaining medical knowledge and experience along the way. Although the medical side was useful and interesting, she felt a calling to offer more. Expecting a Blessing was born from her passion for education and nonjudgmental support for expecting parents.


Since 2015, Leanna has been a professionally trained and certified doula, childbirth educator and postpartum belly binder. She has truly enjoyed turning her natural gift of support and warmth into a career where she is able to coach and encourage mothers and their partners as they navigate their chosen birth plans. The nonjudgmental support she brings to their experience helps them to realize there is no right or wrong way to make the best choices for their families. She instills an easy confidence and believes in a holistic and eclectic approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. This role of being able to use her heart, hands, and voice to be exactly the guidance each unique family needs comes naturally to Leanna and lends itself beautifully to positive experiences no matter the birth story. Whether they are high risk, birthing in the hospital or planning as few interventions as possible, her clients enjoy her unbiased education and ability to meet each family where they are.


Leanna wasted no time after choosing to become a professional birth worker, she quickly started attending  advanced workshops such as, Spinning Babies, TENS in Labor, Rebozo Technique Training, Hypnobirthing Doula Training, and more while also pursuing many professional certifications. She holds a doula certification through ProDoula, a childbirth educator certification through Flourishing Families, and is a professional member of ICAN, EVDC and many other local programs benefiting expecting families. Her trainings and chosen professional organizations hold her to the highest standards and keep accountability at the forefront of her work.

Leanna maintains positive and professional relationships with local, like minded providers and professionals, ensuring you and your family are connected to resources that provide you with the pregnancy, birth and early postpartum experience that you desire. 

Bringing exactly the energy you need to your pregnancy and birth experience, Leanna truly enjoys coming alongside each new parent as they discover and navigate their wishes for welcoming their newest little blessing.

Leanna is continually seeking information, education and training to expand her knowledge base and skill set as a Arizona birth doula and childbirth educator.

Meet Emmy...

AKA: Birth Wizard

Emmy is a two-time VBAC birther and local doula in Phoenix, AZ, who specializes in evidence-based VBAC births and empowered cesareans.  Emmy has a serious passion for getting evidence-based birth information into the hands of birthing families.  As a former stand up comedian, she brings a lightness and confidence to her birth work that makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  Along with her extensive personal experience, Emmy has received professional training from VBACLink, VBAC Academy, Dona International, and Stillbirthday.

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