Arizona Birth Doula

Your birth…

…can be unpredictable, you deserve a doula who honors your personal choices and the unwavering support of your chosen team.

Your body…

…anticipating what will keep you comfortable and attuning to your physical and emotional needs, I will be beside you every step of the way.

Your experience…

…helping you and your partner to feel connected as you work together to achieve your goals and navigate this noteworthy experience.

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Mesa, AZ | Gilbert, AZ | Chandler, AZ | Tempe, AZ | Phoenix, AZ | Scottsdale, AZ | Queen Creek, AZ | Surrounding Central/East Valley Area

“The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for, and assisting families through pregnancy, labor, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period.”

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The Arizona Doula Experience

Educational Support

I’ll share with you the tools and techniques that will help you to make informed decisions for yourself and for your baby as well as assemble your birth preferences and practice hands-on comfort techniques that can assist you in labor.

Emotional Support

I will replace Google for your burning questions and concerns that are keeping you up at night. I’m your go-to person for information, feelings you want to process out loud and times you just need a little bit of nonjudgmental support in a world full of other people’s opinions.

Physical Support

I’ll be a steady presence, knowledgeable about your wishes, what works for you for comfort and what you’re hoping to have happen from our private prenatal education visits. I’ll work collaboratively with your chosen provider, nurses, and partner to round out your birth team.

Support of TWO Doulas

Twice the experience. Twice the support. Twice the availability.

My partner and I will both be at the interview, prenatal visits and beyond ensuring you are completely comfortable when the time comes for one of us to join you in birth.

For a detailed package brochure and availability reach out below.

***Updated Availability***

I am honored to have supported families in a doula capacity since 2015. As of January 2023, I will only be taking repeat clients in the doula role. Going forward I am offering support and care to expecting Arizona families via education and consulting. Please reach out and explore the site for ways we could work together in navigating your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum goals!

As a professional and experienced Arizona birth doula, I support your birth, whatever that looks like for you…

High-Risk | Cesarean | VBAC | Hospital | Epidural | Induction | Twins | Unmedicated | Birth with Medication | Experienced Parents | First Time Parents| Birth Center | Water Birth | and more!

Childbirth Rebozo certification badge through Gena Kirby University Tuscon AZ
Still Birth Day University |Birth and Bereavement doula east valley

We took a birth class and hired Leanna for doula services. Being pregnant and delivering during Covid it was important to be informed about our rights and choices for Labor and Delivery. Attempting my first VBA2C the educational, emotional, and physical support made the difference between laboring in fear vs laboring with strength. As our doula, she supported us in having a positive birth experience and healing my past birth trauma. She was warm and friendly from the beginning but it was her knowledge and experience that made the difference.


| Jacque R. |

Retaining Leanna for our birth was a wonderful decision. I was looking for someone who could encourage me along with my husband. Leanna did so much more! She provided contacts for natural induction support, gave me reassurance in the weeks leading up to my delivery via phone and text, demonstrated rebozo techniques for before and during labor, and helped me when my contractions were all consuming. She had us do a One Day Childbirth class and it was super helpful to identify my deeper feelings about trust in medical care, safety, and my unique personality needs. When it came time for me to go to the hospital she worked right alongside the nurses and I received wonderful care. With her physical and emotional support, I was able to have an amazing and unmedicated birth. She helped with breastfeeding and really just gave me a friend for the journey. I was scared and she helped me be brave and believe in myself.
I highly recommend Leanna. She will encourage you and support your wishes. Having her knowledge and hearing her constant reassurances was worth it’s weight in gold!


| Emily C. |

Leanna was amazing! I was so nervous about labor and birth before hand and she helped me not only understand the process but she was there with any questions or concerns. During the beginning stages of labor she messaged me back right away and as soon as I told her I needed her there, she was there right away! The whole process went so much smoother because she was there doing everything from helping me continue breathing, letting me smell essential oils, reminding me of my birth mantra, and constantly encouraging me through 4 hours of pushing. My husband was great but didn’t know the first thing about helping someone during childbirth. Leanna also offered support the weeks after labor and is so sincere and sweet. Both my husband and I are so happy we hired Leanna! Our daughters birth wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without her there!


| Jessica S. |

I highly recommend Leanna of Expecting A Blessing, and can personally attest to her experience and wholeheartedly recommend her Doula services. She has a calming, warm presence during the birthing process- and I’ve witnessed her gentle coaching, pain/pressure relief, support of the father, and empathy first hand. I love that she supports all birthing plans, and has an innate nature to read mom’s cues during labor. (Rather than asking mom 1000 questions, she gently reads the labor, and provides support or privacy, and transitions gently and proactively.)
If my family wasn’t already complete, I would undoubtedly hire her as my Doula!

Lizzy McMillan | 15 Years Experience as an Arizona Birth & Newborn Photographer

We are so grateful that Leanna was our Doula. Leanna was referred to us from another doula; and even before meeting, Leanna was available via text message and phone call until we were able to meet in person. She was very helpful, calm, sincere to me and to my husband as we prepared for birth. She helped us with discussing our birth plan and helped us through making big decisions at the end of our pregnancy and through our crazy labor. Her advice was based on much work experience. She was a great listener through our pregnancy and labor. During labor, she was an amazing resource. She was able to identify my crazy back labor as I did not have this with my first. She provided massage and reverse pressure on my hips and back which felt amazing and helped me get through those tough contractions. During labor when tough decisions had to be made, she did a great job of explaining and providing feedback on pro’s and con’s. Leanna was a much-needed support and we are grateful that she was there through a long tough labor. She is a fantastic addition to our birth team!


| Katherine F. |