Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding mothers know that the most natural approach doesn’t always come naturally.

Breastfeeding experiences are just as vast and unique as birth experiences, so Your Breastfeeding Experience classes prepare you realistically for what to expect. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to feeding your new baby, Leanna can teach you some hands-on tools and supportive techniques to optimize your breastfeeding relationship. These classes go far beyond the basics though, because it is just that, a relationship. The unique value of Your Breastfeeding Experience that can’t be found in other classes is its integrated approach, bringing the physical act of nursing together with your emotional wellbeing, personal goals and the vision you have for feeding your baby. You will leave with a personalized, written plan and uplifting imagery that will guide you in breastfeeding from day one.

Because This is YOUR Experience, You Will Learn:


Signs your baby is eating well and getting healthier each day

Tips for the early weeks of breastfeeding

Potential problems, home remedies and when to seek extra help

Milk Supply and Proper Latch

Ways to stay comfortable and nourish your own body while breastfeeding

Helpful positions for you and baby

Mindfulness techniques to bring positivity into your breastfeeding experience

And More!

In those early days, when you and your baby are both learning, it helps to have a boost of confidence from a comprehensive breastfeeding class. Take advantage of this one-time group class with like-minded parents to learn not only what to expect, but also how to enjoy your time as a breastfeeding mother.

This class is intended for partners as well, because one of the top indicators of breastfeeding being successful, is a supportive and engaged partner in the process.

Let me be the first to normalize breastfeeding for your family and guide you in making it the fulfilling experience you want it to be.

Ready to experience breastfeeding feeling equipped and prepared?

Want Even More Valuable Information?

Leanna also offers Your Birth Experience classes and Your Baby Experience classes! To learn more about these informative workshops, call your Childbirth and Early Parenting educator at 480.369.0960 today.

Leanna was great! For various reasons we got her help with “everything but the birth.” She really helped my husband and I know what we would need at the hospital, particularly in regards to communication and emotionally. My husband and I both felt empowered to ask for what we wanted for our birth experience and went to the hospital in sync with each other. I’m so grateful for that and wouldn’t have had that (or known that I needed it) without Leanna’s help.


| Amy B. |