Building Your Arizona Birth Experience

A valuable introduction to cultivating your ideal birthing experience.

You might have a few ideas of how you would like things to go, or maybe you have no idea where to begin at all; either way this is a beautiful place to start and I am so happy to meet you exactly where you are!

In this 90-minute group class, you and your partner have the opportunity to discuss and discover what each of you desires and is anticipating for your baby’s birth. You will learn together through tools like the Envisioning Your Birth activity, personality assessments and practical guidance from Leanna. The like-minded expectant parents who are starting out exactly where you are in this workshop are just the beginning of the community you can build during your pregnancy. 

Your Birth, Your Baby, Your Experience.

| Missy Boudiette |

As you close out this introductory birth workshop, you will feel more confident in taking the next steps in your preparation for this sweet little one’s arrival.

What can you expect?

A bonding experience for expecting parents

This milestone event in your family has the opportunity to elevate your communication and your bond as a couple through the work you will do together in the Building Your Birth Experience Workshop. You and your partner will explore your perceptions, visualizing elements of your ideal birth and planning for how you will incorporate them, no matter how surreal, into your chosen birth environment. Working together, you can choose what energy, support, and imagery you want to bring with you into your experience. Leanna will help you to connect on a deeper level with each other and with your unique vision for your birth.

Personality discovery

We each have our own communication styles and within them, our own ways we need to learn and feel supported. In this portion of the workshop, you will both get an introduction to your unique personality type and how each of you might react to different situations in the birth space. You will tap into how your partner needs to be spoken to, feel supported and be heard. This portion alone holds so much value for couples who value connection and attunement!

Communication with your chosen team

Labor, birth and the fourth trimester come with so many choices to make. You know what is best for your family and what you don’t know yet, I am here to help you explore in a meaningful and practical way. This workshop is unique, going beyond just a page of wishes, into how you can communicate, collaborate and build a relationship with your OB or Midwife. Learning how to share your family’s preferences respectfully and make the most of your prenatal visits with your birth provider will empower you and begin to turn the birth process into a true experience.

And now you may be asking— why is all of this important?

 Birth might be natural, but it is also unpredictable, and the arrival of a baby often comes with a heavy load of fear, apprehension and a desire to feel prepared. The goal of the Building Your Birth Experience Workshop is to give you an introduction to mindfulness in pregnancy and parenting. It is the starting point for a connected birth experience that will lay the foundation for making decisions and lasting memories together.

In addition to the heart work and practical planning, you will also come away from this workshop with hands-on skills and comfort measures to use during labor. Those include:

  Breathing techniques
  Position changes to help progress labor and positions for pushing
  How to use a rebozo (a Mexican scarf)
  Relaxation techniques
  How to use a birth/peanut ball
  Massage tips

This hands-on, introductory workshop will help you determine exactly what other education and services will meet your needs, while strengthening your relationship as a couple.

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Leanna was a pleasure to work with. She is kind and patient, as well as compassionate about personal choices. My wife and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to other expecting parents, especially because the entire course is based off of what YOU want, and not a particular method.

| Michael G. |

Leanna was great! For various reasons we got her help with “everything but the birth.” She really helped my husband and I know what we would need at the hospital, particularly in regards to communication and emotionally. My husband and I both felt empowered to ask for what we wanted for our birth experience and went to the hospital in sync with each other. I’m so grateful for that and wouldn’t have had that (or known that I needed it) without Leanna’s help.

| Amy B. |

Want Even More Valuable Information?

Leanna also offers Your Birth Experience classes and Your Breastfeeding Experience classes! To learn more about these informative workshops, call your Childbirth and Early Parenting educator at 480.369.0960 today.