Postpartum Belly Binding

Whether you are searching for the best abdominal binder out there or you’ve never even heard the benefits of belly binding after birth, this service will far exceed your expectations!

The transition to a soft belly and loose sensation after birth can be surprising for some new parents after the full and firm belly you had at the end of pregnancy. Belly binding pulls the rib cage, muscles of the abdomen and hips back in, leaving you feeling more stable and comfortable in the early months after your baby is born. The unique structure of the Bengkung belly bind, with its roots in Malaysian culture, conforms to your individual shape in a way that commercial binders can’t. Its far-reaching benefits extend to birthers who have had a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth. I am honored to bring you a personalized belly binding experience and source of emotional support that won’t be found in a maternity store.

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“Snuggly wrapping the hips and abdomen of a new birthing person is an effective and important part of recovery in the fourth trimester.”

| Leanna Renae |

Benefits of Belly Binding

Aids in Repairing and Relieves Diastasis Recti

Sometimes during pregnancy, when the uterus grows, it separates the two parallel lines of muscles (rectus abdominis) that make up the “six pack abs” and creates a gap down the middle in the connective tissue (linea alba). Belly binding pulls these muscles back closer together and helps to close that gap. Effectively supporting all of the core muscles displaced during pregnancy.

Stabilizes Loose Joints and Ligaments Affected by Relaxin

Relaxin is a hormone released during pregnancy that helps to loosen joints and connective tissue in the body to allow for birth to happen. Sometimes after birth, it takes a little while for those relaxin levels to decrease. Binding holds a stabilizing pressure from the rib cage all the way down to the hips, instead of just the waist, to firmly support the joints and tissue you don’t need to expand anymore.

Improves Circulation

Belly binding is an incredible way to improve not only blood flow, but also the flow of fluid and gas built up after birth. It relieves water retention and has been known to decrease postpartum bleeding time.

Encourages Healthy Posture and Provides Comfort

When you are recovering from birth and learning to feed your baby, your posture often suffers. Binding the belly after birth can help you to hold nursing positions and take care of yourself and your baby in ways that won’t lead to back and shoulder pain. It gently supports your body as your uterus and other organs go back to their pre-pregnancy size and locations. It’s an added layer of protection, so you don’t fall into the trap of slouching or leaning over your baby to feed.

Ready to experience the benefits of Belly Binding?

Belly Binding Packages

Expecting a Blessing clients enjoy the highest of standards, with my dual training in the Bengkung method of belly binding through Belly Binding for Birth Professionals and as a Sacred Belly Bind Wrap Artist through Sacred Pregnancy. You can expect quality service, a beautiful bind and unmatched emotional support.

The final product of a closed and bound belly symbolizes the closing of your pregnancy and the beginning of a connected postpartum experience.

Personalized Belly Binding


Quality Fabric Bind & Kit
Written and Video Instructions
1 Private Binding Session with Leanna

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I loved bengkung belly binding! The wrap was beautiful and high quality. The resources, education and support that came along with it was a wonderful bonus. It was a bit difficult to wrap myself the first few days, but I soon got the technique down and was able to wrap myself quickly. 


| Angela S. |

I have been binding for 2 weeks now and really enjoy the security it gives me after feeling so loose and jiggly. I can see a difference in how it supports my whole core (bust line to hips) especially when breastfeeding. Leanna’s support and encouragement so far has been wonderful. She is always there when I have questions or concerns. 


| Monique C. |

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