Childbirth Education

Expecting Arizona families value equipping their minds with knowledge, their hearts with confidence, and their hands with the tools needed to enhance their birth experience.

Prepare for an unmedicated birth, birth with medication or an epidural and even cesarean birth, without gimmicks or fluff. You will choose the topics that are relevant to your plans and together we’ll bridge the gap between the unpredictability of birth and the options and feelings you value for your experience. When it comes to childbirth, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Leanna sends you out, open to whatever unfolds and deeply engaged with your baby’s unique birth experience.

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Your Birth, Your Baby, Your Experience.

| Missy Boudiette |

Because This is YOUR Experience, you will:


This milestone event in your family has the opportunity to elevate your communication and your bond as a couple. You and your partner will explore your perceptions, visualizing elements of your ideal birth and plan for how you will incorporate them, no matter how surreal, into your chosen birth environment. Working together, you can choose what energy, support, and imagery you want to bring with you into your experience.


We each have our own communication styles and within them, our own ways we need to learn and feel supported. In this portion of the class, you will both get an introduction to your unique personality type and how each of you might react to different situations in the birth space. You will tap into how you and your partner need to be spoken to, feel supported and be heard while helping you understand what a supported and satisfying birth looks like to you. Ultimately, leaving you with a deeper understanding of how to best navigate your choices.


Throughout class, you will explore the physiological and anatomical process of birth, including the hormonal chemistry, what your baby is doing and what your body is doing. You will learn about all of the variations of normal in birth, what to expect from start to finish and what each stage of labor brings. You’ll be prepared not only for the physical aspects of labor and birth, but also for the equally-important emotional side of things.


Once we have learned about you and what your goals are, we can find methods for relaxation and pain-coping tecniques that will match your unique childbirth style. We will practice comfort techniques, positions for rest and labor, and a variety of things to help you feel relaxed during your birth. These hands-on tools aren’t specific to any one method and can often be used with and without pain medication during labor. They will leave you feeling confident in your ability to birth your baby and ready to experience this life-changing day with your partner and family.

Leanna was a pleasure to work with. She is kind and patient, as well as compassionate about personal choices. My wife and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to other expecting parents, especially because the entire course is based off of what YOU want, and not a particular method.

Michael G. | First Time Parent

Leanna has such a sweet doula heart! She is very knowledgable about pregnancy and birth and helped us prepare so well for the birth of our daughter.

Shannon S. | First Time Parent

Leanna is very well educated when it comes to birth. She answered all of our (very detailed) questions and provided everything we needed to visualize and prepare for our hospital birth. While we did have a natural birth in the hospital, we went in with a sense of peace feeling informed about the procedures and options I had if an intervention was needed. 

Tish G. | Second Time Parent

I was a bit leery about this class only being one day and not a traditional multi-week class. Due to work and being 36 weeks, I needed something short and sweet.  Leanna came well prepared for our session with activities, visuals, and a parent guide and was ready on the spot to answer questions and concerns. This class was very thorough and helped me feel like I put a lot of effort into preparing myself in just a short amount of time.

Hannah R. | First Time Parent

Leanna was so sweet and shared so many resources with us. I appreciate the support and guidance we gained, resulting in a healthy and safe delivery!

Erin S. | Third Time Parent

I appreciate how truly compassionate Leanna was during our classes. She was knowledgable and made our experience feel so personalized.

Stephanie S. | First Time Parent

Honestly, I didn’t really want to take a birth class. After some persistence, I decided to go for it last minute. I LOVED IT! She knew what she was talking about and took us through the most relevant parts for our situation. It was more helpful than I thought it would be as I realized I did have wants and needs for my experience.

Emily C. | Second Time Parent

Leanna was much more skilled and educated than I would have anticipated an instructor to be. She helped us to know exactly what we wanted in our experience and made sure she understood our wants and needs exactly before jumping into the education session. I would recommend Leanna to any pregnant person I meet because of how knowledgable, professional, kind and personable she was!

Keanna S. | First Time Parent

One Day Private Prenatal Education classes being held in:

Mesa, AZ | Gilbert, AZ | Queen Creek, AZ | Chandler, AZ | Tempe, AZ | Phoenix, AZ | Scottsdale, AZ | and Surrounding Areas