Flagstaff, AZ Childbirth Workshop

Your Birth Experience™ workshops in Flagstaff, AZ held at: Womancare Midwifery

20 East Cherry Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Every pregnancy and birth experience is unique. Shouldn’t your prenatal education be unique too?

Your Birth Experience™ workshops: Designed to educate, prepare and equip you and your partner to achieve the unique birth experience you desire.

Take a look at the video (featuring YBE Founder Missy David) and see why I am so excited to share this wonderful resource with you. You will see how closely this curriculum aligns with Expecting a Blessing’s goals and mission as well as how it can enhance your birthing experience.

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In each Your Birth Experience™ workshop, you will:

  • Receive a Your Birth Experience™ Parent Guide
  • Attend 5 hours of comprehensive instruction.
  • Discover the unique aspects about your personality and decision-making processes.
  • Learn and receive evidence-based information on the birth process, common options and  potential interventions.
  • Create an empowering birth vision statement.
  • Find out what you can do now to prepare for childbirth and early parenting.
  • Practice tried and true comfort techniques and explore various methods of relaxation.
  • Learn to effectively communicate your goals and birth preferences to your birth team.
  • And More…

Upcoming Workshops:

May 2018

October 2018

Your Birth, Your Baby, Your Experience.