Baby/Postpartum Education

This class is so much more than your typical baby care class…

…because I know you need care when you bring your little one home too. The postpartum period and the newborn period are so intricately intertwined, together they are called the Fourth Trimester. Especially if you are breastfeeding, you and your baby are still operating as one, just as you did during pregnancy. This delicate time is one that calls for self-care, family support and realistic expectations for your new baby. My approach to teaching is always unbiased and balances your wellness with your personal desires.

So often when families get home from the hospital or birth center, they have a moment of “what now?” I am here to set you up for success and an enjoyable postpartum experience with your baby. From the moment you walk in the door, I want you to feel prepared for your recovery and healing, supported with information on your emotional wellbeing and ready to care for your baby at each milestone. This is the beginning not only of your baby’s life at home, but also of your parenting philosophy for this baby.

This unique class covers sleep options, the basics of infant feeding, baby care like bathing and signs of illness. You will learn techniques for soothing the baby, swaddling, car seat safety and even tips for things to buy to make your life easier. When we move beyond the basics in Your Baby Experience, we take your parenting and your relationship with your baby to a place of purposeful mindfulness, intentional positive energy and care for each member of your family as a whole person.

At Expecting a Blessing, instilling confidence and reducing anxiety is paramount.

I want every experience you have from pregnancy to birth and then bringing your baby home to be everything you envisioned. Whether you choose a bundle the Your Baby Experience™ class with our other educational options or attend it independently, we can set your family up for a satisfying and memorable adjustment to life with a new baby. Together we will build a written postpartum plan and positive imagery unique to Your Baby Experience to guide your earliest parenting decisions and leave you feeling ready to care for this little one. You all deserve the very best start together, so register for the class that works best for your family today.

Ready to experience your 4th trimester filled with confidence?

Want Even More Valuable Information?

Leanna also offers Your Breastfeeding Experience classes and Your Birth Experience classes! To learn more about these informative workshops, call your Childbirth and Early Parenting educator at 480.369.0960 today.

Leanna was great! For various reasons we got her help with “everything but the birth.” She really helped my husband and I know what we would need at the hospital, particularly in regards to communication and emotionally. My husband and I both felt empowered to ask for what we wanted for our birth experience and went to the hospital in sync with each other. I’m so grateful for that and wouldn’t have had that (or known that I needed it) without Leanna’s help.


| Amy B. |